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About the Book, Unload Email Overload

Managing email takes way too much time because we never learned to do it effectively. As a result, we are constantly interrupted, spend countless hours processing email, re-read emails that languish in our inbox, store email we don’t need and suffer from information overload. Don’t you agree?

Unload Email Overload, written for professionals, very busy individuals and management, documents the MasteringEmail™ methodology, developed by Bob O’Hare, which provides the principles, methods and details you need to process email quickly and effectively. Unload Email Overload is written in an intelligent, easy-to-understand format to help you minimize interruption, overcome indecision, manage your inbox to near empty, and eliminate frustration with email. This book will help you organize your time and priorities so you can get your work done–at work.

Unload Email Overload will enable you to give up doing email over dinner, while driving and when you get in bed. You can think of more pleasant ways to spend that time, yes? MasteringEmail™ will save your precious time and improve your work/life balance. You can scan the book to capture improvement ideas quickly and devour it in one evening.

One Principles
Two Processing Method
Three Personalizing Your Email Experience
Four Detailed Inbox Processing
Five Sending an Email
Six Considering Group and Team Email
Seven Special Applications
Eight Exploring Productivity: A Guide for Managers
Appendix MasteringEmail™ At-A-Glance
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