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MasteringEmail™ Principles

Most people learned how to manage email by the seat of their pants; they experience frustration and email overload much of the time. Many see email, with its overflowing inbox, to be a real burden. How about you? By mastering email, you will control interruptions, manage your time, unload email overload, empty your inbox every day and go home in time for dinner. Follow the principles, learn how to do email and save time:

  1. Maintain separate work and personal mailboxes
  2. Do not surrender today’s plans to today’s email
  3. Use administrative assistance
  4. Batch process email by appointment with yourself
  5. Process email last in, first serve
  6. Make three deliberate passes
  7. Delete aggressively
  8. Send very few carbon copies
  9. Send less email
  10. Cut the thread
  11. Empty the inbox every day
  12. Shut off, or ignore, email alert

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MasteringEmail Principles

  • Bob says:

    okay. here we go!

  • Carol says:

    Pretty nice. I love it. You’re on your way!

  • Bob says:

    Thank you Rod. It looks great!

  • Bob says:

    So this fella receives 150 emails per day and it takes about three hours to process them. Three hours is 30% of a ten hour day. That leaves seven hours “to get the work done.” That sounds okay, yes?

  • Cheers for that first class information! Are you currently a member on twitter by any chance? Will give a tweet from my account now :)

  • Bob says:

    What great ideas

  • I very much like your ideas but unfortunately for me, my work and personal emails have become interchangeable so I have found it easier to simply amalgamate them in one place, along with any direct messages from Twitter, Facebook etc.

    Thankfully I do not have the social media streams active to distract me and am able to simply work through emails, first in first out unless something is flagged as urgent.

  • Claire says:

    Agree with your principles, though some people can’t/are unwilling to let their admins deal with email. Curious as to your thoughts on some of the productivity inbox tools–do you see email mgmt as being something that must be manual, or can a tool (eg Sanebox or AwayFind) be helpful?

    • Bob says:

      Thank you Claire. If you have an admin and don’t use that resource, there is some other issue to address. Yes, there are inbox helper software packages; however, I believe every new application involves more time and learning. I want the inbox to be near empty every day and decisions made by the professional rather than the software. Mybest, Bob

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