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MasteringEmail™ Principles

Most people learned how to manage email by the seat of their pants; they experience frustration and email overload much of the time. Many see email, with its overflowing inbox, to be a real burden. How about you? By mastering email, you will control interruptions, manage your time, unload email overload, empty your inbox every day and go home in time for dinner. Follow the principles, learn how to do email and save time:

  1. Maintain separate work and personal mailboxes
  2. Do not surrender today’s plans to today’s email
  3. Use administrative assistance
  4. Batch process email by appointment with yourself
  5. Process email last in, first serve
  6. Make three deliberate passes
  7. Delete aggressively
  8. Send very few carbon copies
  9. Send less email
  10. Cut the thread
  11. Empty the inbox every day
  12. Shut off, or ignore, email alert

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MasteringEmail Principles