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Email Tips

Manage “Reply to All”

Reply to All often goes wrong after the first time it is used. People get left out, annoyed and confused. Think this way. FYI to All is unreliable. Take action to all is unreliable. The best way to manage Reply to All is not to use it.

Ahead of my Time

I was ahead of my time, writing Unload Email Overload and attacking information overload in business. I developed MasteringEmail as a technology to stop interruption and re-capture productivity in the workplace. I was ahead of my time. The email alert, when on all the time sends knowledge workers into the “Technology Trap.”Sad. I was ahead of my time writing Unload Email Overload; however, it is not too late. Buy the book. Follow the principles. Save your precious time. Balance your life.

Technology Trap

Avoid the Technology Trap! Turn on your email only when you have time to do it right, then turn it off until you plan to do it again. If you let every arriving email interrupt you, you will be led into the Technology Trap like a fly is led into the venus fly trap. Think about it! When you look at an incoming email, how many times do you get lost in the Internet? Avoid the Technology Trap!

Manage Email In Batches

Manage Email In Batches

In between, shut off your email alert! Why? You will get more quality work accomplished during normal working hours.

A women who read my book, Unload Email Overload, said she would try doing email in batches to avoid all the interruptions. She, a computer systems analyst, is very satisfied with the change. She said she has to focus on development and problem-solving and  operating without the constant email interruption has enabled her to get more work done.

Manage email in a batch, at your computer, where and when you can concentrate. Your communication will improve and you will get more work done at work. Manage Email in batches. Really good email management.



Unload Email Overload

Unload Email Overload. There is entirely too much email flying through the corporate communication systems. Much of it is useless and it takes up too much precious time. Information workers are enamored by their technology and do not use it correctly. They must learn to unload email overload and stop information overload. To unload email overload, information workers must shut off their darn Smartphone and go back to working for a living. Read Unload Email Overload, a great book for waking up to the email overload issues and solving the email overload problems.

Email overload

Email overload is huge problem for corporations and is caused by employees operating without intelligent corporate guidelines. Execs: Stop: re-think email and save countless hours of productivity loss. Call me!

Book Review By The Mole: Email Overload

Unload Email Overload by Bob O’Hare

Review by The Mole

With the post office carrying less and less mail, the almost disappearance of ‘fax’ communications and the universal unpopularity of voicemail systems we are all experiencing an increase, almost daily, in the amount of email we receive. And there is a tendency to react to it immediately you find it whether it be business related or private. As an ex-IT manager I know this can lead to nightmares for the administration of such email systems as well as the poor user receiving it who ends up being pulled from pillar to post by it.

This book was written to support workshops that Bob O’Hare runs but equally tries to stand on it’s own. The courses are tailored for their individual audience and the book has to try to be more universal to cover the general subject.

I worked in a culture that used email instead of answerphones so you could return to your desk to an email saying ‘Please phone your boss as soon as you get back’. It was also a very customer-centric organisation so if you got an email from a customer you immediately assessed what action to take and ensured the ball was in motion. In view of this I started reading in a very negative attitude as it starts talking about only checking your mail a few times a day, but I read on regardless and kept as open a mind as I could. As I read on, the nature of the book became apparent and it started to explain how some of the rules should be ‘flexed’ by different roles in email usage. It then started to suggest actions I found very controversial, like keeping your inbox empty! Reading on once again and keeping an open mind I started to realise that there was a great deal of sense to what was being said.

I came to the conclusion that there were things that anyone can learn from this book if they have email issues and are prepared to keep an open mind while reading it!

Genre – Non-fiction, Computing

Buy Unload Email Overload: How to Master Email Communications from Amazon

Unload Email Overload – Book Review by Grady Harp

Unload Email Overload: How to Master Email Communications, Unload Email Overload and Save Your Precious Time
by Bob O’Hare
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.19

15 used & new from $7.36

Whew, and Thank You!, January 30, 2013

This review is from: Unload Email Overload: How to Master Email Communications, Unload Email Overload and Save Your Precious Time (Paperback)

Finally, someone has come out with an entire book devoted to the subject of email overload – or how email abuses us! Reading Bob O’Hare succinct and reader-friendly book is such a relief that it can only be suggested that everyone who has fallen into the Internet hole (is anyone NOT there these days?) buy this book and read every page.

Few of us realize how much time email reading and answering and writing and responding and creating chews up our day. The most often first movement of the day is to open email – and then spend the next hour plus responding to garbage, spam, ads, mass mailings, requests of political donations, `order this as it is your last chance’ blurbs etc. The real guilt is keeping things we don’t want to deal with in our inbox to address later – WRONG, according to O’Hare! In this book we learn how to manage our email, how to break the symbiotic attachment to your email box, succinct ways to answer email correspondence without alienating the sender, how to ration your time and even employ someone to rid your existence of all the junk that pours in everyday, cluttering our minds and hours with unnecessary.

Try the recommendations of Bob O’Hare and discover how much of your life you regain! We really do have spare time, you know….. Grady Harp, January 13


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Is Email Overload Keeping You From Dinner?

Bob’s Unload Email Overload radio interview with Eric & Angel on the nationally syndicated Experience Pros Radio Show.


Bob held a question and answer session with the two delightful hosts. Eric was funny about the 2000 inmails he had in his inbox.

Bob gave tips to solve the problems of individuals who called into the show. Fun time!

Drag Email Overload

Your email inbox often fills up because you see something you want to read later when you have more time. These emails accumulate and soon it is hard to find anything in an over-crowded, stale inbox. There is a better way.

Establish a Read It Later (RIL) folder to relieve your email overload. When you receive a message you would like to read later when you have time, grab and drag that message to the RIL folder. It will be out of the inbox and avoid the clutter.

One more thing. When you set up the RIL folder, have it automatically delete any message that becomes 30 days old.